-Life Cycle Analysis-

A life cycle analysis measures the environmental benefits of a product or process. The scope of the environmental assessment is generally based on cradle-to-cradle life cycle perspective, i.e., mining of the raw materials, through the production of the end product, to recycling of the end-of-life product. We work to itemize all energy and materials inputs and outputs in their processing route, to form the primary data for the environmental assessment.

We perform life cycle analysis (LCA) to help clients such as, manufacturers and SMEs for their specific projects and bid or grant proposals. To align with the project requirements and objectives, we set the system boundaries to be best suited for the LCA to be performed within the timeframe of your project. Certainly this will give optimum visibility of the environmental impacts of your product or process. A comparison will be made between the your product or process, and the competing product or process.

We use environmental assessment software, SimaPro or GaBi to collate the process flow information, and generate the environmental impact results.

Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Life cycle cost analysis (LCCA) assess the total cost of facility ownership and maximizes the net savings by comparing project alternatives that fulfill the same performance requirements, but differ with respect to initial costs and operating costs. Thus, LCCA provides you high-level visibility of future capital and operational expenditures. The inherent features of LCCA will allow you to realize the associated risk profile which provides strategic and tactical control for infrastructure management.

One of the most important features of LCCA is Net Present Value (NPV) analysis. In financial and budgetary analysis, it is crucial to identify the present value of future cash flows. The NPV analysis provides comparison of options with different inflation and discount rates, and is enhanced through sensitivity analysis of these rates.

We perform life cycle costing analysis (LCA) to help clients such as, design consultants, contractors, manufacturers and SMEs for their specific projects and bid or grant proposals.