Gender Equality Plan

Last updated: October 02, 2023

The aim of Technovative Solutions' Gender Equality Plan (GEP) is to create a diverse and inclusive workplace that promotes gender equality, empowers all employees, and ensures equal opportunities for career growth and development regardless of gender.

Technovative Solutions Limited (TVS) recognises the EU Gender Equality Plan as a significant opportunity to strengthen further its commitment to fostering a workplace that embraces diversity and promotes gender equality at all levels of its hierarchy.

This plan offers a chance for Technovative Solutions Limited to build upon and enhance its existing initiatives, by developing specific methodologies and providing training programs focused on gender equality. By doing so, the company aims to reinforce its dedication to providing a work-life balance, a safe, inclusive, and gender-equal working environment, supporting the development of its staff, and actively participating in societal change.

The Gender Equality Plan prepared by Technovative Solutions Limited has been carefully crafted based on an assessment of internal processes, rules, and procedures, as well as a thorough analysis of available data, forming a solid baseline for monitoring and evaluating the objectives and outcomes of the planned actions.

Technovative Solutions Limited acknowledges that this Gender Equality Plan is not static and aims to evolve over time. The company recognises the importance of monitoring and evaluating progress to measure the impact of the proposed initiatives and actions, thus fostering a more gender-balanced and diverse organisation.

The Gender Equality Plan at Technovative Solutions Limited aligns with the European Commission's recommendations and addresses five key areas as follows:

Equal Opportunities in Recruitment and Hiring (Goal 1)

Pay Equity and Compensation Practices (Goal 2)

Career Progression and Development (Goal 3)

Work-Life Balance and Flexible Policies (Goal 4)

Gender Sensitivity Training and Awareness (Goal 5)

Technovative Solutions Limited strives to create an organisation that thrives on the strength of its diverse workforce, growing with and for its citizens, embracing their unique diversity.

TVS Goals:

  1. Equal Opportunities in Recruitment and Hiring:

    • Thoroughly review and update job descriptions and hiring criteria to ensure they are impartial and free from any gender bias, actively encouraging a diverse candidate pool.

    • Foster partnerships with reputable recruitment agencies and job boards that have a demonstrated history of attracting a wide range of talents, thereby ensuring a diverse applicant pool.

    • Implement blind recruitment practices to eradicate any latent biases and establish an equitable assessment process.

  2. Pay Equity and Compensation Practices:

    • Conduct a thorough pay equity analysis to identify and address any gender-based pay disparities.

    • Establish a transparent and standardised salary review process to ensure fair compensation for all employees.

    • Provide training for managers and HR personnel on the importance of pay equity and how to address any identified gaps.

  3. Career Progression and Development:

    • Implement a mentoring program to support the professional growth of female employees and provide them with opportunities for leadership roles.

    • Develop a clear career progression framework that outlines the skills and competencies required for advancement within the organisation.

    • Encourage female employees to participate in leadership development programs and support their attendance at conferences and workshops.

  4. Work-Life Balance and Flexible Policies:

    • Conduct a survey to assess the preferences and needs of employees regarding flexible working arrangements.

    • Enhance and expand flexible working policies to embrace the diverse array of family responsibilities and individual working styles, fostering an environment of inclusivity.

    • Ensure thorough dissemination of knowledge regarding parental leave rights and other work-life balance advantages to all personnel.

  5. Gender Sensitivity Training and Awareness:

    • Organize gender sensitivity training sessions for all employees to increase awareness of gender-related issues and foster a respectful work culture.

    • Conduct workshops to address unconscious biases and promote inclusivity in decision-making processes.

  6. Monitoring and Reporting:

    • Appoint a dedicated team to monitor the progress of the Gender Equality Plan and assess the effectiveness of implemented initiatives.

    • Develop key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the impact of the plan on gender representation, pay equity, and employee satisfaction.

    • Generate periodic, informative reports to proactively communicate advancements, and share valuable insights with employees and stakeholders.

Our Gender Equality Plan reflects our unwavering commitment to creating an inclusive and equitable workplace for all. By implementing these measures, we aim to contribute to a more gender-balanced and diverse future within our organisation and the broader industry.

At Technovative Solutions Limited, we believe in the importance of regularly monitoring our Gender Equality Plan (GEP) and remaining flexible to adjust and update our goals and measures as needed. Our GEP is not a static document but a dynamic and evolving roadmap that reflects our commitment to promoting gender equality and inclusivity within our organisation.

Regularly measuring and reporting on various GEP (Gender Equality Plan) indicators will be advantageous for TVS, as it will facilitate the monitoring of progress and informed decision-making to foster gender equality within the organization.